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Skin expressions

I don’t know about you, but I used to draw on my hands, arms and legs.  I love to doodle.  Of course I was advised to not draw on myself by my parents and other figures of authority.

Then came the temp-tattoo.  These were fun at first.. but the temptation to pick at the design often won over having a lasting image.

The first time I heard of henna, I was so excited! A semi-permanent skin dye! You mean I can doodle and it will stay for longer than a day?  This product had promise, but quickly turned to frightful, as the set up and application were often so involved I would loose interest.

So what’s next for temporary skin expression?  BEHOLD!, Flash tattoos!

How amazing are these!? There are several sets of designs to choose from all at


What do you think? Would you put one of these on your skin?

Death stare from Luigi? So good.

Didn’t mean to laugh this hard but…

Seriously that death stare is one of the best!  Just think, in days of Mario Kart past the kart character would just zip by with no thought whatsoever… not in Mario Kart 8… oh heck no.   First the pupil slide, then the head turn… genius.

Would you buy from a “real catalog”?

Most of you know I am an image hoarder…

I love the random photos that I find on the internet. I save them to share on the FB pages and groups that I am a part of.  Some are serious, some inspirational, some thought provoking and many are flat out hilarious.

Today I saw this image.  I’m not sure if this is areal catalog or an artist depicting a point.  Either way I find it beautiful and I genuinely hope that more mainstream magazines adopt reality rather than a fabricated version of beauty and social expectations.

camo, octo style

An octopus is a water ninja. Nuff said.

mind blown.

Who knew the octopus can change SKIN texture just by sight alone?  And that huge eye? :shudder:   Even so, chalk this one up as an amazing peek into the life of a cephalopod.

slightly creepy right?

Update on 9/29 @ 2:18.

I have yet to watch the entire video. :sigh: I am like the young kids these days with their attention span all shorty short.