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I write stuff on all sorts of topics.

Oh snap… that’s a lot.

842 days ago I saved something to "look at later"... I didn't expect that it would take me this long. to get back to you little link  But as interesting as the link may be... I'm FAR more interested in what day it was 842 days ago. Let's find out.. :Deneé Googles It:...

Why I have kept all my cards

Hey, be thankful that you followed your instinct to keep track of all this stuff through the years. You discovered some amazing things in that pile of paper. Some forgotten, some never seen, some you still can’t open.

Saw that comi…wait

You're tougher than you think, oh fragile one. Sometimes we stand and watch "it" come.  "Yeah, this is going to hurt. I'm probably not going to make it out of this one."  At the terrible moment of impact all of the scenarios have been run and in this moment, it seems...