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Oh snap… that’s a lot.

842 days ago I saved something to “look at later”…


I didn’t expect that it would take me this long. to get back to you little link  But as interesting as the link may be… I’m FAR more interested in what day it was 842 days ago.

Let’s find out..
:Deneé Googles It:

WHOA!!!! GUYS!! IT was November 22nd 2012.

I did NOT expect that.
Huh. So I wonder what I did that day. BRB I’m going to my calendar to see what was going on then.

Yeah, nothing interesting happening.  :/ Let’s check Facebook for other clues… brb

OH right, it was Thanksgiving too. That happens from time to time and it’s my favorite holiday combo.  Good food AND family all AND birthday wishes.


A pic taken from my Nexus 10 tablet that was given to me on my 2012 birthday!


What was the point of this? OH, yes. I really should revisit my “look at later” items more often.  If for no other reason than to take an unexpected bunny trail trip down memory lane. PLUS this makes a great tweet and Lord knows I need to learn the art of clever tweeting.

Curious if I clicked the link?

I did.  It was 404’d. :sigh: I’ll never know what I was the link titled “Test Wall” was all about.