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I see the paper-trail of my life as clues to unlock memories.

Be so proud of yourself Deneé, you actually unpacked boxes of papers this weekend.  I’m not sure what’s gotten into you since the move into the house on Robins Nest, but girl you are on FIRE with organizing and expressing yourself with your stuff.

For so long you’ve held certain types of people aloft, beating yourself up that you weren’t more organized or that you didn’t know how to put a plan to action for all your dreams and visions for a home.   Now, quite naturally, those skills seem to be showing themselves.

Perhaps it was all of those years going to friends houses who are super organized… or maybe working for Tracee and Sara finally wore off on you.  WHO knows, but good for you.

So in all reality the room dedicated to all your creative stuff is in total chaos at the moment but 1. you’re not feeling guilty about it 2. you are forming a plan 3. you have a new piece of furniture that could really help you meet your storage goals and 4. you’ve finally stopped comparing yourself to an unrealistic expectation of what it all should be.


Come ON, how amazing was it to throw away 2 trashbags of old paperwork from 2007 yesterday?  You opened mail that had been sealed for 7 years because you were living in total fear of your finances…now you’re free.  AND because you actually put all the office supplies in one room you went on and made folders and labels and FILED AWAY important paperwork.  Even better? You’re not freaking out that you have multiple files for the same topic from various years of attempting to be organized bc you know that when the time comes you’ll get to it.

Let’s fast forward to today when you cracked open boxes of paper keepsakes from 6 moves and began to read letters and cards that have been written to you since you were a kid.  For the first time in your life you’re not angry when you see that nothing is organized by date.  For the first time you’re taking your time and reading kind words, written by family and friends through the years that describe what kind of a person you were/are to them.  You actually absorbed some love from the past and connected it to your present.  You’re waking up on a whole new level.

Hey, be thankful that you followed your instinct to keep track of all this stuff through the years.  You discovered some amazing things in that pile of paper.  Some forgotten, some never seen, some you still can’t open. 

Anyway, be proud of yourself when you remember this time of your life.  You’re unpacking parts of your past that you’ve ignored for a long time.  You’re not hiding anything from yourself…

or those who may be reading.