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Saw that comi…wait

You’re tougher than you think, oh fragile one.

Sometimes we stand and watch “it” come.  “Yeah, this is going to hurt. I’m probably not going to make it out of this one.”  At the terrible moment of impact all of the scenarios have been run and in this moment, it seems obvious that the collision will unhinge, break  and destroy all that we know and love.

Then, in the chaos of impact and the spraying debris your mind alerts you to the checklist that is rapidly updating, “body, intact. spirit, no damage. foe, disintegrated. losses, minimal to none.”

The dust settles and indeed, you are still standing.  Minutes pass and the feeling of “this isn’t real, I’m dreaming” takes a back seat to a truth that you barely believe.  You made it.

Isn’t this what you had hoped for? To make it on the other side of tragedy with no lasting damage?  Now it has happened and the only lingering evidence of this great and frightful gift of survival is the debris of the assault, strewn about your feet like heavy confetti.

No matter what you have come through, do not doubt that your seeming fragile frame of humility and quiet love is actually an impenetrable fortress guarded by your steadfast assurance in a God who has equipped and empowered you to overcome all adversity.

Battles are messy. There will be evidence of scars in the physical and emotional.  However at your core, your spirit, your soul, your center.. you are unbreakable.

Are you surprised when you are still standing? Share your thoughts!



Like a super hero on skates…

So you’re on top… don’t just stand there.

This impressive display of balance reminds me of what it feels like to have momentum in your path.

This guy, or flat chested girl with short hair, (that was for you Tig) jumps up, commits with firmly planted feet and then takes a wild ride of dexterity.

Isn’t this what life feels like?  Think about it, if you don’t adjust in the moments and become flexible you can lose the momentum and take a nasty detour.

Stop worrying about what may happen, or that you may look a real fool as you wobble dance for balance. Jump onto your path, trust your purpose and vision, don’t lose focus and ride that rail.

Death stare from Luigi? So good.

Didn’t mean to laugh this hard but…

Seriously that death stare is one of the best!  Just think, in days of Mario Kart past the kart character would just zip by with no thought whatsoever… not in Mario Kart 8… oh heck no.   First the pupil slide, then the head turn… genius.