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Retreat to peace

Carve out space to find truth and peace

There is a place in Republic called “Little Portion Retreat Center” that is up-kept by sisters who follow the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi.  I came across this place when I was just out of massage therapy school. They were asking for massage therapist to come and work on several people who needed relief after all their hard work for The Kitchen.  I am so thankful for that day, not just to be able to bless others through the gift of touch, but because I haven’t forgotten the spot of land just a little outside of the city.

For about $25 a night you can stay in a well kept 3 story farm home with enough bedding for 13 people. There are two kitchens, two and half baths, a game/rec room and most importantly… a beautiful few acres of land that are perfect for a walk into nature.  You can tell that the women who keep this land love and respect the space.

Having the ability to take a quick drive and “retreat to peace”  has become a necessity for me these past two years.  My preferred destination remains Little Portion. I ask my friends to join me there a few times a year and together we walk the land and talk about life.  We sing and laugh, cook and create and experience a moment in life together. Close enough to our lives and far enough away to reconnect to purpose.

Simplicity, stillness and peace.  How do you take time for yourself?

Washington DC Trip

Washington DC 2014

My brother and I decided to take a trip to DC after finding flights for about $200 bucks!  We stayed with Bianca and spent 5 days visiting the sites and making great memories.  I took a lot of photos and posted many of them to Instagram, so be sure to scroll back and scan them.

There were SO many highlights to our visit.  We went to see our representatives in the House and Senate, as well as watch debates on the floor.  We went on a Segway tour, visited monuments, toured a 100 year old schooner and SO much more!

The length of the trip was perfect.  I was ready to get home and see Justin again, and my dogs too of course. Visiting such a huge city is exhilarating, especially when the people of the city makes decisions that change nations.