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Living alone is attractive sometimes…

With no one around to prod and poke or stir up memories and emotion perhaps one can live free from pain.  The road to isolation starts with avoidance.  Each step taken as a counter measure to a possible moment that could cause discomfort.  Avoidance is riddled with assumptions about how something could be, it is fueled with fears. Calculative moves involving decisions based on survival and preserving self.  These instincts have value for certain. There are people to avoid. There are situations to avoid.

However, if your avoidance has become your standard of living it has likely guided you to isolation. Isolation is a whole different kind of danger.

In the Christian bubble there are many people who avoid situations to better protect themselves.  These boundaries are important for many reasons, and I wouldn’t want to get into a debate with each family about why they choose to have this or that rule.  Where I fear for my Christian family is when a rule or regulation is hedging them in isolation.  Their choices are not mine to make, so I observe and do what I hope they would do for me… reserve judgement and pray for clarification that only God can provide.

We are raised in different homes, attend different social groups, listen do different teaching influences and the differences between myself and someone else are insurmountable.  I won’t pretend to know “best” for someone else’s home and life… but I will speak about the dangers of isolation.

When your words cut people from the love of God, when rules lift you higher than another human… you are on a path of isolation.  Be careful that in an attempt to avoid sin you don’t cut yourself off from humanity. We are human after all.