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Is it that hard?



You don’t like to be judged, so why do it to others?

If you can attempt to RELATE to the person you are judging.. you’ll likely discover that they are no different than you.  If you don’t discover that revelation than you may want to double check the part of you that believes you may 1. be better or 2. deserve better than another human being.

In the eyes of God… your sin is just as nasty as (your presumptions of) their sin.

There are warnings about judging other people, condemning them, and that what you give (or do not give) coming back to you.



I spoke to a woman who has someone publicly campaigning for her failure.

Let’s put ourselves in her shoes for a moment.  Pretend your past is available for viewing and someone decides to publicly reference all the reasons that you should be disqualified from life. Essentially pretend that someone is taking your past, turning lessons into weapons and handing them to anyone who will listen.  Imagine that person demanding that anyone armed take aim at you and fire, then pass the weapon to the next person.

My reaction to putting myself in this situation is dread.  In all reality this type of thing COULD happen to me. I openly speak of my past, of my failures and my downfalls.  I personally hand “weapons” to the public and pray that each person understands that I speak plainly so that they know they’re not alone in their humanity.  I want to be real and honest about what I have experienced in my life because it is MY LIFE!  If you don’t like my life and my honesty, there are polite ways to move respectfully apart.

I have come face to face with the “Accuser” enough to know if you make peace with your past it softens the sting of the pointed finger.

We may judge each other without meaning to, but if you are ACTIVELY judging someone and condemning them to a life less worthy of yours… you’re on a slippery slope.  Am I judging a judger?  Hopefully not.

I’m feeling a sort of righteous anger about my friend though and then today’s verse is about judging so I made the image above and decided to blog.

In all reality just because you judge and condemn does not make you less of a person than anyone else.  It makes you more dangerous. . but it’s your life, your pace and your story.  In my experience, and in the readings I find, life is not meant to be lived in the complications and darkness of becoming an accuser.  It is meant to be lived in freedom and love, which is not an easy charge.

642 Things To Write About

A book found at B&N by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

Challenge accepted. I continue to develop a relationship with the idea of telling you, internet reader, my thoughts on my life.  I find articles and I think “oh, I could write about my thoughts on this”… I find pictures and think “oh, I could post about my reaction to that”… but I remain silent.

Friday night I went strolling through Barnes & Noble. True to my pattern I found myself looking through the journal section as if it were an art display in a museum.  It was here I discovered this book, “642 Things To Write About”.  I flip to a random page to gauge the intent and read:

“Pick a country, and imagine we’ve been at war with it for fourteen years.  Write a love story set in that world.”

Intriguing. I like imagining stories.

Next random page:

“Put yourself or your character in a place where you feel vulnerable and uneasy.”

My brow arcs up and I think to myself… could I share that on my blog? Could I be that open?

Next random page:

“A lie you told and got away with.”

What if my parents read my blog?  Or my Grandmother!?

“Write about what you’ll be worrying about five years from now. Ten years from now. Thirty years from now.”

My parents reading this blog apparently.  The idea grew inside of me and before I knew it I had convinced myself that sharing my writings, inspired from this book, was possibly the BEST way to develop a relationship with the blog experiment.

So after creating my website as a landing page for the curious folks out there… I think I have a plan.   Post my random thoughts, post the pictures, post the links and post my writings inspired from this book that challenges me:

“There are often three reasons for something: the reason we tell others, the reason we tell ourselves, and the real reason.  Write about the war among the three.”

Deep.  Look for that one coming soon.

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