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“Let them eat cake…”

A text convo with my husband where I learn he does not know the quote

Let them eat cake. -Marie Antoinette


Fly on the Wall: I looked up the origins just to be sure I didn’t say “Queen Elizabeth the …somethingth”.

camo, octo style

An octopus is a water ninja. Nuff said.

mind blown.

Who knew the octopus can change SKIN texture just by sight alone?  And that huge eye? :shudder:   Even so, chalk this one up as an amazing peek into the life of a cephalopod.

slightly creepy right?

Update on 9/29 @ 2:18.

I have yet to watch the entire video. :sigh: I am like the young kids these days with their attention span all shorty short.


Being on the radio was something I didn’t see coming.  The reaction of my friends and family were universally “that is SO perfect for you!”  The reaction of those that I met when I walked through the door of 88.3 were “this comes so naturally to you”.  So why does the gift of radio feel so heavy?

Starting Over

Recently I had this instinct to write what I actually think.  I was struck by a bit of fear.  What if someone is offended?  What if I get in trouble at work?  What if I let someone down?

Over the past year I have had the privilege of “doing life” with a group of women that are almost all “churched”.  If I can overcome the fear of being accepted by church women… I can overcome the fear of sharing my thoughts on paper.

So here I go.