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What you say:

Deneé, your music speaks to my soul. I listen to Lit Page all the time.

Deneé is such a talented communicator and when she speaks I can tell she really cares about what is happening in the world around her. Thankful to be her friend.

Aaron and Deneé are my absolute favorite. They are genuinely funny with real quirk and talent when they talk. They give me hope that there’s another level in relate-ability in Christian radio.


I always turn the radio UP when you come on between songs!


A Little About My Work

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in a variety of environments. Before full time radio I had a successful massage therapy practice and still hold my Missouri license.  Recently I was involved in the leadership team for iBody Directory.  Here are a few other random things I have done in my 20 years in the work force…

  • managed a bead store
  • worked for a printing press
  • advised travelers and booked vacations for a major travel company
  • or how about my incredible first job at Taco Bell?

These days my time is fully spent working alongside Aaron Dicer to provide a syndicated show to radio stations across the country.

Break it Down

Approximate time spent…

  • Radio 100%
  • Massage Therapy 5%
  • Podcast 50%
  • Consulting 40%
  • Singing / Songwriting 10%
  • Bloggin 5%

clearly I am bad at math

Oh snap… that’s a lot.

842 days ago I saved something to "look at later"... I didn't expect that it would take me this long. to get back to you little link  But as interesting as the link may be... I'm FAR more interested in what day it was 842 days ago. Let's find out.. :Deneé Googles It:...

Why I have kept all my cards

Hey, be thankful that you followed your instinct to keep track of all this stuff through the years. You discovered some amazing things in that pile of paper. Some forgotten, some never seen, some you still can’t open.

Retreat to peace

Carve out space to find truth and peace There is a place in Republic called "Little Portion Retreat Center" that is up-kept by sisters who follow the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi.  I came across this place when I was just out of massage therapy school. They...

Washington DC Trip

Washington DC 2014 My brother and I decided to take a trip to DC after finding flights for about $200 bucks!  We stayed with Bianca and spent 5 days visiting the sites and making great memories.  I took a lot of photos and posted many of them to Instagram, so be sure...

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