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Authentic. Quirky. Faithful. Fun

If you had a microphone what would you say?

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If there’s one thing I’m truly passionate about, it is defending one’s right to their own journey. I believe we are designed by a God who makes no mistakes… so I find quite a lot of confidence in being my authentic self.

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I think authenticity begins with bravery and a good dose of discernment.  Being honest and truthful is not easy… and I’m learning there is a time and place for the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me.


Once I thought I had to mold into pre-existing patterns.  Now I know I fit best in my own skin..even if that means I’m not fully understood.  Being unapologetically quirky finally has a place in my life and I’m sharing it with the world.


I haven’t always been a Christian, so the language of faith is relatively new.  I must say, I have the most fantastic conversations with all of my friends no matter their beliefs. I love talking about faith and the great mysteries of life.


There IS a place in life for fun. Fun doesn’t mean you take life less seriously.. it means you let the laughter out. Even if that means you laugh at your mom when she falls down a small flight of stairs.

Time Spent

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in a variety of environments. Before full time radio I had a successful massage therapy practice and still hold my Missouri license.  Recently I was involved in the leadership team for iBody Directory.  Here are a few other random things I have done in my 18 years in the work force…

  • managed a bead store
  • worked for a printing press
  • advised travelers and booked vacations for a major travel company
  • or how about my incredible first job at Taco Bell?

These days my time is almost fully spent working with the not-for-profit radio station 88.3 The Wind in Springfield, MO.

Things I Do

Approximate time spent…

  • Radio 90%
  • Massage Therapy 10%
  • Graphics Design 50%
  • Family/Dogs/Friends 100%
  • Singing / Songwriting 40%

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Mon-Fri 6a-10a.

88.3 The Wind (.com)

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